Restore joint function and support the nervous system while avoiding unnecessary drugs or surgery

What is Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic began in America in the 1890’s in Davenport, Iowa with the premise the body has an intelligence that knows how to heal itself, It does this through communication using the nerves to talk back and forth from the body to the brain.

If interference occurs, the communication is less than perfect and the persons health suffers.

A visit to my office may start out with you coming in for neck and shoulder pain that goes down the arm. However, I may find that the problem is located in an organ and is referring pain into the shoulder. A classic sign of gall bladder dysfunction is shoulder or knee pain. I would confirm this in several ways using acupuncture points and muscle testing.

You still may need an adjustment in the neck or back but, in the case of gall bladder or stomach dysfunction, I can restore energy to the organ with the adjustment and relieve the pain; however, the person would most likely throw their back out again if they didn’t do something for the organ system related to it. From here I can help evaluate and correct nutritional imbalances that may help restore the function of the affected organ.